Albert Alexander has always had an interest in sales. Each day his goal is to improve how he relates to people, how to be a better husband, father, and business owner.

His early days in sales started with Honda selling cars. Soon after that, he started selling heavy construction parts at a company in Buffalo, New York.

Al always had a desire to set off on his own and eventually did, launching ConEquip Parts in 2008.

With an emphasis on faith, education, and personal relationship, Albert has made ConEquip Parts into an industry leading multi-million dollar company with sales exceeding $12 million annually.

Despite his success, Al does not take credit, instead, he quickly points out the positive influences in his life from family, friends, and his partners but most of all his relationship with God.


Steve has had a passion for production from an early age. After graduating from South Florida University in Tampa, Steve worked in television as a news producer. From 2000 to 2013 Steve worked at MSNBC, Fox News, and CBS.

Steve decided to move back to his hometown of Buffalo, NY in the summer of 2013 and took a job in sales at ConEquip Parts. His passion for production eventually led to a position with ConEquip Parts as a content manager which includes producing the Selling For Life Podcast.

Steve loves the Lord and his family, wife Maria and sons Jake and Zach.


Kevin has more than two decades in sales. Currently he is a parts broker.  His main tasks are purchasing, planning, sales, and management, as he runs a business inside a business.  As serious as Kevin is about his job, he never lets a day go by without wielding his humor like a might sword. 

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