Keep It Simple Stupid – Selling For Life E52

We often think the more complicated things are, the more impactful they will be.  In football, teams have playbooks packed with plays to help them be more effective against their opponents on game day.  But as in depth and complicated as that playbook may be, a team won’t be successful unless they properly execute the simple things.  The same is true for just about anything.

If you can simplify your life, you will no doubt be more productive.  You need to eliminate things that hold you back, clutter your life, and make things complicated.  This includes objects as well as projects.

When it comes to objects, if you come across something you rarely use, make a decision to store it or to get rid of it completely.  When it comes to projects, such as helping people, you need to consider whether or not you should maintain the obligation.  If you are finding yourself agitated doing the project, dreading your commitment, or not doing the project well, you should probably consider cutting it from your life, even if it’s disappointing or inconveniencing someone.

Steve, Al, and Kevin talk more about the subject of simplicity in this installment of the selling for life podcast; keep it simple stupid!


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