The One Inch Punch Rewind!

Since Albert is away and our podcast recording falls on the 4th of July this year, we are going back into the archives to pull what producer Steve considers the best of the best podcasts.  In this podcast, Al tells a story that is appropriate for the Fourth of July holiday in that it is packed full of fireworks!

You’ve heard the expression “work smarter, not harder”.  What exactly does that mean, and how can one work “smarter”?  In this installment of the Selling for Life Podcast Steve, Al and Bob share some tips on getting more out of your efforts.  Also, Al shares one of the funniest stories you may ever hear.  It involves a one inch punch delivered to Al when he was in car sales.  Have you ever heard of the “one inch punch”? It’s the ability to deliver a powerful amount of force by dispensing a concentrated about of energy in a limited space.  A one inch punch, though it doesn’t look threatening, can devastate its target.  Al found that out first hand, literally!  You can benefit from the lesson he learned, both when it comes to working smarter and when it comes to meeting a prince from Jordan!

Happy Fourth of July!


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