The Best Way to Make Decisions, Whoop Whoop! – Selling For Life E36

In this installment of the Selling For Life Podcast, Al and Steve discuss the art of making decisions.  We make decisions all day, every day of our lives.  Decision big and small will cross our paths.  Some are simple decisions such as what to eat for lunch, others have much bigger consequences such as whether or not to dump some stock that dropping like a rock.  Making decisions can be very stressful.  As believers, we have a fantastic resource to help us navigate these decisions – the creator of the universe!  Seeking God is the ultimate way to go about life.  The Bible has a lot of scripture about making decisions. This doesn’t mean making decisions will be a piece of cake.  Instead, you may find ourself with a serious struggle between your desires and God’s will for your life.  Whether you have faith in God or not, there are some very practical decision making tips you can take from this episode.


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