Greed, Fyre Festival, Charity Water – Selling For Life E26

One of the seven deadly sins is greed.  Greed creeps into our lives very easily disguised in many different ways.  Most of us think about money when we think of greed.  When it comes to sales, we definitely can let the desire to make more money become the driving force to why we do what we do.  But greed is destructive.  What might be a gain in the short term because of greed will likely become a loss down the road.  You can lose a customer, the trust of a loved one, and in the most extreme cases, your life.  In this episode, Steve takes a look at greed, consequences of greed, and gives a couple ways you can be on guard when it comes to greed in your own life.  He also shares the story of Scott Harrison.  Greed ran his life until one day, feeling morally bankrupt, he decided to make a change.  The result was an organization called Charity Water that helps underdeveloped countries gain access to clean drinking water.  This is a powerful story about the triumph over greed.  You need to watch the video below.  After watching the video, If you would like to help Charity Water, you can go to the website by clicking here.

Watch this video, it could change your life.


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