The “Why” Question, Special Guest Jason Caras – Selling for Life E25

There is a reason behind everything we do. However, not everyone knows exactly why they do what they do. Knowing your “why” is very important as you effort to accomplish anything in life. Why do you have the job you have? Why do you get up early to go to the gym? Why do you spend or save money? On today’s episode (our 25th) we are joined by Jason Caras, Co-Chairman and Co-Founder of IT Authorities. Jason “successfully ran a business into the ground” as he says, and took the lessons he learned from that experience to build a multi-million dollar company which is now celebrated as one of the fastest growing companies in America. By the end of the episode it is our hope you will have a better idea of what your “why” is.  To get training resources and advice on public speaking and strategic coaching, check out Jason’s website by clicking anywhere on this sentence!


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