Diligence, Poor Millennials, and Upside Down Squash – Selling for Life E6

A study shows millennials have about 35% less wealth than generations before them.  Why might that be?  A possible key element missing from their lives is diligence.  Does society handicap the millennial generation by rewarding them without expecting performance?  Al takes a look at another core value: diligence, what the good book says about diligence, and what diligence can do when it comes to improving your sales career, business, or personal life.  The ConEquip owners also share a little about their moms while poking fun at each other, especially Al who looks like an upside down squash.  And Steve almost has his ear pulled off his head by Ben.  It’s yet another unique and fun discussion that somehow provides some valuable and practical information the Selling for Life Podcast listeners can use.


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